Movie Review: “Evil Dead Rise” (2023)

sflix123moviesJuly 6, 2023

“Evil Dead Rise” is the latest installment in the renowned horror franchise created by Sam Raimi. Directed by Lee Cronin, the film offers a fresh take on the series, bringing a new cast and storyline while staying true to the gruesome and supernatural elements that fans have come to expect. As the horror genre continues to captivate audiences with its blend of fear and excitement, “Evil Dead Rise” enters the scene with the promise of delivering spine-chilling moments and a renewed sense of terror.

Plot and Storyline

Set in a modern urban setting, “Evil Dead Rise” diverges from the traditional cabin-in-the-woods scenario that characterized earlier films. The storyline follows two sisters, played by rising stars, as they navigate a nightmarish ordeal after inadvertently summoning a malevolent force. This departure from the franchise’s rural origins allows for fresh storytelling opportunities and introduces new dynamics within the characters’ relationships.

Atmospheric Horror

Director Lee Cronin excels in creating an eerie and tense atmosphere that permeates the film. The urban setting, juxtaposed with supernatural terror, heightens the sense of dread. The film’s use of lighting, sound effects, and cinematography amplifies the suspense, often leaving viewers on edge, anticipating the next horrifying revelation.

Practical Effects and Gore

A hallmark of the “Evil Dead” series is its commitment to practical effects and visceral gore. “Evil Dead Rise” continues this tradition, delivering a spectacle of horrifying visuals that are bound to leave audiences both terrified and amazed. The practical effects enhance the authenticity of the horror, grounding it in a way that computer-generated imagery cannot replicate.

Character Development

The film takes time to develop its characters, making them more than mere cannon fodder for the horror elements. The sisters’ complex relationship is explored, adding emotional depth that resonates beyond the scares. This approach creates a connection between the audience and the characters, intensifying the fear as viewers become invested in their survival.

Homage to the Franchise

While “Evil Dead Rise” brings its narrative and characters to the forefront, it still pays homage to the franchise’s legacy. Die-hard fans will appreciate subtle nods, references, and callbacks that link the film to its predecessors. This delicate balance between honoring the past and forging a new path demonstrates the filmmakers’ respect for the franchise’s history.

Thrills and Suspense

As the film progresses, the tension builds steadily, leading to a crescendo of heart-pounding moments. The horror sequences are expertly crafted, maximizing the impact of jump scares and gruesome imagery. Lee Cronin’s direction keeps viewers engaged and invested, ensuring that the film’s thrills leave a lasting impression.


“Evil Dead Rise” successfully revitalizes the iconic horror franchise with a contemporary setting, fresh characters, and a commitment to the genre’s roots. Lee Cronin’s direction infuses the film with atmospheric horror, practical effects, and well-developed characters, creating a memorable viewing experience. While the film introduces new elements, it also pays homage to the franchise’s legacy, ensuring that long-time fans and newcomers alike can enjoy its scares. As the horror genre continues to evolve, “Evil Dead Rise” stands as a testament to its enduring appeal, inviting audiences to embrace the fear and excitement that it offers through legitimate viewing channels rather than resorting to authorized platforms like 123movies.